The Right Fit – FDSC
The Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change (FDSC) at Ryerson University draws on creative fashion mediums to collect, extend, analyze and share research to fuel diversity & social change.
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The Right Fit

The Right Fit explores the experience of plus-size women in order to collaboratively develop clothing that better meets functional, expressive, and aesthetic user needs.


The Right Fit project develops and employs a new methodology called co-generative mapping, which combines data from body scanning, body mapping, and co-design methods. 3D body scans of participants provide critical visual and quantitative data that show accurate depictions of plus-size body silhouettes and proportions.

The social acts of body mapping and co-designing help tap into tacit knowledge of participants and their lived experiences.

The project encourages a new approach for the fashion industry in order to better meet the needs of plus-size women. By developing more accurate plus-size dress forms, the industry can begin designing and producing clothing that meets consumer needs.

Publications to date

Increasing Fashion Accessibility for Plus-Size Consumers
Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF)
Kirsten Schaefer, Chad Story, Samantha Abel, Sandra Tullio-Pow, and Ben Barry (May 2017)

The Right Fit: Increasing Fashion Accessibility for Plus-Size Consumers.
Blending Cultures: Proceedings of the International Textile & Apparel Association Annual Conference (ITAA), page 62
Kirsten Schaefer, Chad Story, Samantha Abel, Sandra Tullio-Pow, and Ben Barry (2017)


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Institutional Grant
FCAD Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change
Research Team

Sam Abel, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at York University, Artist and Practicing Social Worker


Sandra Tullio-Pow (PI), Kirsten Schaefer, Chad Story, Ben Barry