Refashioning Masculinity – FDSC
The Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change (FDSC) at Ryerson University draws on creative fashion mediums to collect, extend, analyze and share research to fuel diversity & social change.
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Refashioning Masculinity

Refashioning Masculinity investigates how men construct their identities through appearance and how fashion can be a vital tool to advance social change.


The first stage of the project consists of interviews with men of diverse ages, bodies, sexual orientations, ethnicities and (dis)abilities. During this stage, participants provide a tour of their wardrobes and describe the feelings and memories they attach to their clothes.

The second stage is a transmedia fashion show featuring the interviewees. This process performs the research, sharing the results with the public through a creative, visual, and familiar medium.

This feminist-driven project created a new approach to understand and transform how men see themselves, interact with each other, and engage with women.

Publications to Date

Refashioning Masculinity: Men’s Fashion Consumption in the Digital Age
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, forthcoming


“Notes From the Field: New Perspectives on the Fashion Show”
Fashion Studies Journal, Volume 1 Issue 1
Ben Barry (2016)


“Gender Rebels: Inside the Wardrobes of Young Gay Men with Subversive Style”
Fashion, Style & Popular Culture (special issue on LGBT fashion and style), Volume 3 Issue 2, page 225–250
Ben Barry and Dylan Martin (2016)

“Suited for Success? Suits, Status, and Hybrid Masculinity”
Men and Masculinities, Volume 20 Issue 1
Ben Barry and Nathaniel Weiner (2017)



“Enclothed Knowledge: The Fashion Show as a Method of Dissemination in Arts-Informed Research”
Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS), Volume 18 Issue 3
Ben Barry (2017)

 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant
 FCAD Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change
 Ryerson Athletics
Research Team

Ben Barry (PI), Daniel Drak, Stephanie Rotz, Dylan Martin, Rebecca Holliday, Amy Smith, Nathaniel Weiner, Lawrence Cortez, Alyksandra Ackerman, Jennifer Braun, Jeanine Brito

Project Website: