The Centre for Fashion, Diversity & Social Change
The Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change (FDSC) at Ryerson University draws on creative fashion mediums to collect, extend, analyze and share research to fuel diversity & social change.
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The Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change (FDSC) unleashes fashion’s power to foster diversity, equity and inclusion, and lead social change through the creation and dissemination of alternative fashion objects and media.


How can we foster fashion, media, and design cultures foregrounded in diversity and question dominant narratives?

Fashion is central to how we understand each other and ourselves. Sadly, these objects and images are often defined by exclusion and stereotypes. Fashion and the creative industries fuels body anxiety, oppressive gender norms, racism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

Fuelled by an arts-informed and practice-led research approach, the FDSC collaborates with scholars, designers, and artists to develop trans-media approaches to conduct, analyze and share research on diversity in fashion and its associated creative industries. We draw on creative fashion mediums to collect, extend, analyze and share research.

Fashioning Reconciliation is a journey to share truths about the role of clothing in colonization and help organize the Indigenous design industry for cultural resurgence.


The FDSC aims to subvert dominant narratives within fashion by utilizing practice-led research. These projects are only the beginning.

Management Committee

Ben Barry
Founding Director, Chair of the School of Fashion, Associate Professor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Alison Matthews David
Associate Professor
Colleen Schindler-Lynch
Designer, illustrator and Assistant Professor
Robert Ott
Associate Professor
Sandra Tullio-Pow
Designer and Associate Professor
Kimberly Wahl
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of the MA Fashion program at the School of Fashion